"Dragon Temple is the fulfillment of a Dream.....to create a place where there is thoughtfulness, wisdom, appreciation, respect and human achievement".

Our logo is comprised of a temple, two red dragons, flying kick and blue circle.

Temple resembles the place of cultivating the spirit and mind through the wisdom of Martial arts. 

Dragon symbolizes fertility, creativity and good luck. The dragon also represented the highest degree of strength and power a human could achieve.

Therefore Dragon Temple represents the ultimate in physical strength and spiritual enlightenment. 

The flying kick is a scissor kick in full split, performed by Master Arsalan, which demonstrates the ultimate beauty and dynamism of kicking art. It conveys the message of excellence which encourage and motivates disciples of temple to be the best they can be.

Blue is the colour of peace and discipline. The blue circle indicates the caring and loving attitude of true Martial Artist and their courage to pursue their goals, until the moment of accomplishment.