Master Azizi with former president of the World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters(Kukkiwon)
Grand Master Lee Kyu Hyung - Muju, Korea - 2014

      Master Azizi with Grand Master Min Hak Seo - Muju, Korea - 2014

Visiting Hong Kong 2008
Visiting Hong Kong 2008
Visiting Japan! Master Arsalan visiting Japan!
Spectacular weaponry Side kick
Master Arsalan leads the group of
enthusiasts for better conditioning.
Flying double side kick
Demonstrating the trembling power of side kick. Jumping back side kick & breaking the boards
Flying split kick towards 2 targets! Flying side kick towards the moving target!
Flying double front snap kick Flying double side kick on 2 stories human tower
Master Arsalan performing side kick (in the middle) Flying side kick on 2 stories human tower
Flying side kick in Stanley Park, Vancouver Turning kick duel (Master arsalan to the right)